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Newsletter, December 2016

Happy Holidays

Tech San Diego wishes the entire tech community a happy holiday season. We are all part of a fast-paced industry and it is often difficult to take a break and enjoy some time with family and loved ones to celebrate the season. On behalf of our staff, board of directors and volunteers, thank you for all your support during the past year. Tech San Diego is looking forward to a very exciting 2017.

Kevin Carrol

Director’s Corner

By Kevin Carroll, Executive Director, Tech San Diego

In last month’s column I spoke to the need of the region to fully leverage our universities, especially regarding talent acquisition. It sparked many conversations about how sometimes our tech “reputation” does not correlate with how truly vibrant our technology cluster is. One just has to look at a few of the recent studies on talent and the tech community to validate how our community stacks up. What can the region do to step up our Tech Cred? To understand that, we need to look at a few themes most of us have talked about:

  • San Diego’s lack of consumer branded Fortune 500 tech companies discounts the very vibrant tech ecosystem dominated by small and mid-size growth companies
  • San Diego is never thought of as ‘low cost,’ despite conveying a very healthy discount on wages from some other tech clusters.

What some may view as a weakness in not having more Fortune 500 tech companies is actually a positive for San Diego, and it is time for the tech community to shape our region’s narrative, one that includes both start-ups and small- to medium-sized companies (SMEs). There are hundreds of examples of SME including Certona, Verimatrix, Verance, SupplyPro and Paylease to name just a few. This is where the real growth in the regional tech community lies. Our pitch to talent should revolve around articulating the positive aspects of working for an SME tech company, which includes in many instances more opportunities for advancement and broader responsibilities, to name just a few perks of working for a SME tech company. To be fair to our regional larger tech employers, we are fortunate that they have excellent workplace environments as well.

The new economic development model is no longer centered around tax incentives or regulations, but rather the ability of companies to find quality talent. Another important part of San Diego’s “narrative” is the increasing tech talent pipeline that is being fueled by our local world class universities. At Tech San Diego, we recognize the increasing importance of university relationships, and in addition to our University Talent Initiative we highlighted last month, we continue to work with UC San Diego and others to expand those partnerships.

We will continue to work for our members in promoting the region as a career destination for talent. However, this effort will need all of us conveying the same messages – Small and mid-size companies are our strength not our weakness, and the region is increasingly recognized as having one of the best pipelines in technical talent.

Tech San Diego Members in the News


Halo partners with VicinityBrew to create innovative forecasting solution for beverage suppliers. Click here for the full article.

If you are a Tech San Diego Member and would like to see your news here please send it to Alicia Riddle.

New Members

Pacific Power Source
Solute Consulting





Get a Complimentary Rate Comparison

One of the many challenges that small and mid sized tech companies face is attracting and retaining talent. One way small and mid sized technology companies can compete with tech giants is to take advantage of a small business trust, a relatively new way to lower employee benefit costs. Tech San Diego’s proprietary Benefits Technology Trust offers a cost effective and compelling benefits program that leverages the exceptional health risk demographics of technology organizations and unites them under one entity to take advantage of shared risk, lower cost and better results. Click here to learn more.

Tech San Diego to Expand Data Science and Analytics Portfolio

Tech San Diego plans to expand its current data science/analytics portfolio, including a new distinguished speaker series, an advisory council comprised of senior data science executives, and more robust interaction with UCSD data science efforts.
“Data Science and Analytics is a critical part of our regional tech ecosystem cluster,” said Steve Coggeshall, ID Analytics’ Chief Analytics and Science Officer and Chair of Tech San Diego’s Data Science/Analytics Roundtable. “This discipline spans across several tech clusters, including cybersecurity, fraud detection, medical devices, life sciences, and machine learning to name just a few. We need to bring all of these clusters together to make San Diego a data science/analytics center of excellence.”

Tech Links

We are always running into interesting weblinks, and we think you might be interested too!

CTO and Software Engineering Roundtable

If your teams have gone Agile, chances are that your support work poses problems. How do you work the break/fix items in the Scrum process? Are there other options? During a recent Tech San Diego CTO and Software Engineering Roundtable, noted Agile expert Kristin Runyan led an interactive session with examples of how several different companies have tackled this problem, as well as the pros and cons to their solutions. Agile does not solve all of our problems, but it can highlight areas that need our attention. The Roundtable was led by its new chair, Wade Williams and hosted by Roundtable member Angelina Hendricks of Verimatrix. The presentation was well received and members of the Roundtable agreed to bring their Agile issues to the next CTO and Software Engineering Roundtable on December 13.

Roundtables are reserved for Tech San Diego members. If you are a CTO or Software Engineering executive from a technology company and would like to attend as a guest please contact Alicia Riddle.

Robotics: The Future is Already Here

This presentation, which will be held on December 14, will cover the latest robotics trends as well as why San Diego has the potential to be the hub of a global robotics revolution. Henrik Christensen, Director of the UCSD Contextual Robotics Institute, will also explain how San Diego is already a global leader in research and development in robotics and how that could translate to the regional manufacturing and service sector. Join us as participants discover:

  • San Diego’s built in advantage in the coming robotics revolution
  • How regional robotics research and development will find its way to your company
  • How the next generation of robotics is already shaping up and strategies to not get left behind.
  • How defense research into robotics will help private industry
  • The intersection of data science/IOT in robotic advances

Register here, or see below for more information.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date on all Tech San Diego events here

December 13 | CTO Roundtable
December 14 | Manufacturing Operations Roundtable
Please join us as we hear a presentation by Henrik Christensen, Director of the UCSD Contextual Robotics Institute. Henrik’s presentation will cover the latest robotics trends as well as why San Diego has the potential to be the hub of a global robotics revolution. Register here!

Editor’s Note: We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on San Diego’s vibrant tech community. We welcome your feedback and contributions to Uplink here.

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